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Become a cruise agent!

Make $ from the comfort
of your own home.

Are you an experienced cruise agent?

Or someone looking to get into this fun, exciting business?


Experienced agents......are you looking for a host agency who will pay you high commissions? Commissions that you don't have to worry about getting? Are you tired of monthly fees or quotas? Are you looking for that personal touch when you need help? Do you need someone to cover for you when you travel! Would you like access to cruise leads to help you grow your business!


New agents.....

Start your own cruise business from home!

Do you have the desire to work from home, be your own boss, set your own hours? Are you a people person? Do you pay attention to details? Do you like helping others have fun in life? Do you love cruises or ever dreamed of taking one? Then you found the right site!


You can start your own business from home with no experience. Though if you've ever taken a cruise, you already know quite a bit!


How many people do you know at work, church, school....family, friends....who take cruises! Millions of people take cruises every year. Not only will you make a nice income just booking cruises for all the people you know or come in contact  with every day, but you'll also be able to cruise for less or free.


Check our 'Getting Started' page to learn how easy and inexpensive it is to start your own fun, home based business. You can work full or part time. It's up to you.


You won't be worrying about high gas prices, fancy work clothes, or lunches out. You'll be there for your kid's games and special events. You can work around your busy home/family life. This is the new American Dream....working from home!